Are you accompanying a family member who has status in canada

Yes you can go to canada with your family members who have status in canada if you have a visitor visa or a study permit.Visitor visa: A visitor visa is a short term visa granted to individuals who are entering Canada solely on a visit. This type of visa allows individuals to stay in Canada for a limited period of time (usually up to 3 months). It also allows them to enter and exit the country as often as they would like.Study permit: A study permit is a type of Canadian visa that allows individuals who are outside of Canada to pursue studies at a college, university, or other educational institution in that country. It also allows them to obtain employment in the country.There are a number of factors that will be taken into consideration when making a decision on whether or not you should be granted a visitor or study permit. These include:1) your intentions for being in Canada;2) the reason for your visit; and3) your relationship with the individual in Canada whose status you are seeking.

How do I fill out a family information form Canada?

Family information forms are used by individuals looking to immigrate to Canada as part of the immigration process. They are used to request information from family members about their family members, as well as from immigration authorities, such as the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).There are various types of family information forms, depending on the circumstances and the requirements of the individual requesting the information. Each type is designed for a different type of situation. For example, an application for a family member may require one type of form, while an application for reunion with an immigration officer may require a different type of form.Regardless of the circumstances, all types of forms require certain information to be provided. Some of the most common types of forms include:Requesting Information – This is where an individual is requesting information from a family member or immigration officer about a variety of subjects, such as specifics about their family history and connections, current contact information, and financial information. Verifying Information – This is where an individual must confirm whether or not they have accurate and up-to-date information about a family member or immigration officers relationship status, health conditions, physical appearance, place of residence and work, income sources and assets, education and travel plans. Details Verification – This is where an individual must provide specific details about a family members current situation in order to ensure that all relevant details are confirmed. For example, if someone needs verification that a child is attending school in Ontario, they must provide the name(s) of the school(s), as well as its city/town/village or geographic area code. Endorsements – These are declarations from people who can vouch for specific aspects of a family members story (i.e., spouse/civil partner; character references). Compliance with Conditions – These are stipulations that may be placed on someones permanent resident status in Canada if they cannot show due diligence regarding screening assessment criteria (e.g., no positive criminal charges on file).

Will your spouse be accompanying you to Canada?

No, your spouse will not be accompanying you to Canada. Spouses of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may enter and remain in Canada as visitors for up to 24 months, with the exception of Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, which permit a spouse to enter and remain for 6 months or 12 months, respectively. In addition, spouses of Canadian permanent residents are not permitted to work in Canada.

What does accompany you to Canada mean?

Pier A in Vancouver has many things that can be accompanied to Canada. The top ten listed below:1. Souvenirs2. Cheeses3. Pickles and Olives4. Whisky5. Bear Grease and Hooves (for fun)6. Bacon7. Mortadella and Sausage (For a Great Lunch)8. Honey (Honey is very popular in Canada as well as it is a sweet taste.)9. Maple Syrup (Maple syrup is very popular in Canada because of its delicious taste.)10. Glue (Glue is used for assembling things).

How do you answer are you accompanying a family member who has status in Canada?

1). A good Seeker Response is: ‘Absolutely! It is my honor to accompany you. I am happy to provide any assistance that you require.’2). Another good one is: ‘I will do my best to make your trip as seamless as possible.’3). And if you have time, you can offer to help them with something – maybe clean the bathroom or make dinner.

Open Work Permit for your Accompanying Spouse


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