How do family relations work

Family relations work at a very slow pace. People take one year to two years to get used to each other. If you are not family then things move as per your choice but if you are family then things work slowly.It is true that we do everything for our loved ones. But they don’t do the same for us, at least not at the same pace. We have to make some sacrifices for them, too. Our family members love us more when we are selfless and kind to strangers, not our own blood. As human beings we should respect that fact that our loved ones love us more than we love them because it makes them feel good about themselves and it’s healthy for a relationship too.

At what point are cousins not related?

Cousins are not related by blood. However, relatives by marriage, such as aunts and uncles, can be cousins. If aunts and uncles have a child together, the aunt and uncle’s child is a cousin to their niece or nephew.Aunts and uncles can be cousins to their first cousins once removed (one more remove). Aunts and uncles have one more removed than second cousins.First cousins twice removed (two more removes) are the only two-generation relatives that are not considered second cousins. Second cousins twice removed (two more removes) are second cousins once removed (one less remove). When people get old enough, they lose their double second cousin status, becoming third cousins instead of fourth cousins. But the third cousin still counts as a fourth cousin once removed in between those two generations.

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Supporting healthy family relationships

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