How do i file for a divorce

A divorce is a legal separation that ends a marriage. If you and your spouse agree, a Massachusetts court can grant you a divorce.You need to file a case in the Massachusetts family court or probate court where your spouse lives or used to live. You also need to file an application for legal separation. This application will ask the court to grant you a divorce, legally separating you from your spouse and legally ending your marriage. The court will then schedule a hearing to review your application.If you and your spouse reach an agreement about child custody and visitation, you should also file those documents with the court. The court will use these documents when making its decision about your case.A divorce is not easy or quick, but it can be positive after the separation is over. You may be able to get support and healing time with your partner and children if you work out an agreement that works for you both.

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How To File For Divorce

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