How do i get a divorce in ontario

You can get a divorce in Ontario by several methods, including mutual consent, consent of one party, court order and annulment. If the spouses agree, you can get a divorce without going to court.If you and your spouse decide to get a divorce without having the process through the courts, you can file for a summary or an ultimate judgment of divorce. You must file the papers with a court in your local county and province.Regardless of how you or your spouse seek to end your marriage, the legal process is complex and requires assistance from a qualified family lawyer. You may find some of our resources on family law helpful:

How long do you have to be separated before divorce in Ontario?

Here is the quick answer:1. The law requires that there must be a minimum of 2 years of separation to begin the process of divorce in Ontario.2. There is no requirement for how many months or days of separation is required, just that there must be enough time for the relationship to have deteriorated significantly.3. The spouse that is filing for divorce must also have lived in Ontario for at least 6 months before filing.

How does divorce work in Ontario?

How Fast Can You Get Divorced in Ontario?

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