How do the duggars afford 19 kids

This is a really common question, and the first thing I want to say is that the Duggar family does not have a typical income. But there’s no doubt that 20 kids can be expensivetotally worth it to some people though! Here is what I do know:1. The Duggar Family takes in Federal and State assistance of $218,082.00 per year2. Jana Duggar’s salary is $45,000 per year on Counting On.3. Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar are authors and have published five books so far that earn them around $500,000 per year each.4. The 22 Kids and Counting show, which features the Duggar family, earns the Duggars about $4 million per year.

Are the Duggars in debt?

No they are not in debt they are not rich but they also don’t live in poverty. While every Bollywood actor or politician will make you believe that they are millionaires and begaare castes. The Duggars live a modest life. They bought their home in 1999 for $27,900 after saving for 3 years. In 2005, Jim Duggar was promoted at his job and was making an extra 10K per year. The Duggars have a very simple lifestyle and have never taken out a loan for anything.Instead of buying things that they could have borrowed money to buy (some examples; a new TV, new clothes, sporting equipment etc) they decided to pay the things off over time. One way of doing this is by using a bill consolidation service which consolidates their 8 bills into 1 low interest bill and saves them any fees.The Duggars also make sacrifices to save up cash (the people you need to look up to as far as money management is concerned). They don’t go out to eat out or to drink with friends because its more economical to cook at home or drink water while listening to music). They also dont buy anything until the price drop from 10% below the original price (example – buying something on sale for 8% less than its original price when the original price was 20% above)

19 Kids and Counting – The Duggar Story

The Untold Truth Of 19 Kids And Counting

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