How long do you have to pay child support in ontario

Child support in Ontario is a type of legal payment made by one parent to the other parent of children under the age of 18 years. There are various rules and regulations that govern the payment of child support in Ontario.The amount of child support that a court will order a parent to pay depends on a number of factors, including: The amount of time the children spend with each parent The financial resources and ability of each parent to support the child The condition and needs of the child Any other relevant circumstances, such as the lifestyle and standard of living of the child’s familyThe legal obligation to pay child support ends when the children turn 18 years old, unless they attend post-secondary education, then they have to be supported through university or collegeChild Support Services administers child support in Ontario. There are different types of child support payments depending on each situation. The details for each type are available at

How do I stop child support when my child turns 18 in Ontario?

When your child turns 18, the monthly child support may be reduced. This is the case if your child is full time post secondary or if your child earns less than $17,888 annually.The Support Adjustment Request can be accessed through the Child Support Application Service (CAS).If you would like more information regarding child support and support adjustments, feel free to reach out to our friendly experts at 1-844-442-4465.

How does child support work in Ontario? (Full Tutorial)

How Long Does Child Support Continue in Ontario?

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