How many kids does kobe bryant have

Kobe Bryant has one child, son Kobi Bryant.Kobe Bryant met his wife Vanessa Marin in 2006, and they were married in 2009, with a wedding reception held in Costa Rica. They have one child, Kobi, who was born in January 2012.Bryant is an avid golfer who plays off and on courses around the world with his son. In addition to playing golf, the two enjoy watching movies together. They also enjoy playing computer games together when the young one is not at school or with his mom or dad.

How old are Kobe’s 4 daughters?

Kobes 4 daughters are: Nia (age 6), Natalia (age 7), Gianna (age 8) and blown (age 10).The 4 daughters of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were born on April 13, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA. The 3 month old Nia Bryant was the first to arrive weighing 8 pounds and was welcomed into the world by her mother Vanessa Bryant. The next 2 came almost simultaneously at 7:56 pm and 7:55 pm weighing 6 pounds each. Natalia entered the world at 7:47 pm. All girls were healthy.-

Did Kobe Bryant have 4 daughters?

The answer to this question is yes he did, 4 daughters. Kobe Bryant has 4 daughters. Those daughters are Natalia, Gianna, Athanasia, and Aisha.As for why kobe had daughters he said “I love the idea of family and I’m a big believer in God’s plan for me. I’m very happy being a single dad.”Kobe Bryant’s Daughter1). Natalia Bryant- Bryant’s daughter Natalia is currently 19 years old. She is a student at Pepperdine University. She was born on January 6th 1994 in Hawaii. Natalia is also a singer and is also part of her father’s fitness programme called footwork ivy which consists of a 10 week training program with video tutorials that were released on YouTube in May 2017.2). Gianna Bryant- Gianna Bryant is the oldest daughter born to Kobe Bryant on January 14th 1995 in Hawaii, she is a social influencer with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, she also streams herself playing video games and also has her own fitness channel called gymgrl with videos released on YouTube in November 2017. It has almost 1 million followers and she posts daily about fitness or eating healthy. She turned 21 years old on September 5th 2018 but did not post anything about her 21st birthday or her self-made celebration. I don’t understand why but i’m sure she will make an announcement soon about it.3). Athanasia Bryant- The youngest of kobe’s four children known as Athanasia was born on December 4th 1997 in Hawaii making her 19 years old at the moment, Athanasia tried out for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack Volleyball team in 2017 but was not accepted due to health reasons according to TMZ however she was accepted into another volleyball team (there isn’t one listed) called the Silver State Volleyball Academy at UNR in October 2017 which made official news via their blog post by April 20th 2018 where it stated Athanasia has joined the academy as a member and is expected to graduate from high school in December 2019 and start classes at UNR that summer in August 2020 however Athanasia had no solo Ambassadorship posts on Instagram throughout college which makes me wonder what the deal there is odd to be honest but its all good I guessFinal Note: Sadly Kobe Bryant passed away on June 12th 2018 due to prison related health issues leaving behind his 4 daughters who must be devastated and heartbroken as

Things You May Not Know About Kobe Bryant’s Daughters

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