How many kids does mel b have

Mel b has 2 kids one is show and the other is shy.1.) show loves to play with music and tell about it but shy loves to listen music and play instruments.2.) show loves to draw and shy loves to sing.I hope you like my answer. Thank you

How many biological children does Mel B have?

Mel B has 2 Biological children, a daughter named Angel Iris and a son named Moses Mustafa Markeith.Angel Iris was born in February 2014 and Moses Mustafa Markeith was born in July 2015.**END

Who are Mel B’s children?

There are rumors that Mel B is pregnant with a second child but this has not been confirmed. However, Mel B has several children with former husband, Stephen Belafonte. The couple had 2 daughters together: Angel Blue (born in 1999) and Madison Jane (born in 2002). The couple also have a son named Noah Lennox Belafonte (born in 2004). Mel B names all of them. In an interview, Mel B said that she was open to having more children:I would love to have more children. But I don’t know what will happen in the future. I want them all to get along, so I’m making sure that it’s not a stepmother situation. But if it happens, then it happens.Mel B also shares custody of their daughters and her son with Stephen.

Mel B’s Daughters Adorably Gush Over Their Mom (Exclusive)

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