How many kids does mrs brown have

Mrs. Brown has 2 children with her ex husband, Francis Brown and Michael Brown. She also has a daughter in law named Meredith Baxter and a son named Jeremiah Baxter

Who are all Mrs Browns children?

The children of Mrs. Brown are:1. Gordon Brown, who was first mentioned in the book ‘ Th e Scream ‘, because he had a dream of becoming Prime Minister, and later was seen encountering his younger self at the docks.2. George Brown, who was described as the most gifted and intelligent son of the family. Was seen conversing with his father Mr Brown and mother Liz Wootton at their dinner table, he is also seen to be very close to his older brother Gordon, who is like a son to him.3. Evan Brown, who was described as second only in intellect to George Brown, although he was never one of Mrs Browns favorite children.4. Tom Branson, a young boy who lived next door to the Browns, and had a crush on Mary the family maid. He was among one of the children that George said goodbye too before leaving for Oxford University in ‘The Scream Before Christmas’.5. Mary Branson, Tom’s crush on whom seemed to end badly when she insisted on marrying her boyfriend Darren as his mother would not bend on his wish for a big wedding in ‘The Christmas Wedding’.

Agnes gets herself into a sticky situation – Mrs Brown’s Boys

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