How many kids does tristan thompson have

Tristan and Isolde is an uncle-niece relationship they are uncle and niece.

Who is Tristan Thompson’s third baby?

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are expecting their third child together in June 2018. Baby number three is due in June, and the couple have chosen a unique name for their newest addition: Stormi.Stormis name is the only one out of the babys siblings that has a t at the end. It means storm and is pronounced stroom. The name was reportedly inspired by chinas most famous Olympic badminton player, who is also named after a storm!Other names on the table included Rocket, which was originally given to Tristan and Khloes other two children; Skylar, which is Tristan and Kourtney Kardashians first child; and Maverick, which was given to Tristan and Cleveland, his wife Kaela Jenner’s pregnancy was announced in March 2017.

Tristan Thompson Allegedly Expecting His Third Child

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