How many kids will i have quiz

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Is it good to have 3 children?

No, it’s not good to have 3 children.First of all, it’s very expensive to raise a family, so you need to save money by having just one child. And you need to care for each child individually. It’s hard work to raise just one child.Second, each child takes up a lot of your time. You don’t have time to yourself and you need to spend time with your spouse. And last but not least, each child competes for your attention and love.So in the end, it’s not worth it because you are spending all your time taking care of one or two children instead of being able to spend some time with your spouse and yourself.

Is having 4 kids harder than 3?

Having four kids is no easy task, of course. But, on the contrary, its incredibly challenging at the same time. There are a lot of memories to be made, especially with one and three.I would say that its more difficult to watch your kids growing up than it is to watch them grow up. You spend your time preparing them for the real world, and watching them have such an exciting life teaches you a lot, too!It all comes full circle: youre preparing them for their lives while they prepare you for yours. Its a beautiful relationship that we have as parents.To be honest though, I wouldnt take back a minute of my life with my children. They are truly amazing people; some of my favorite people in the world. They make me so proud and I am so grateful every day for being their mother.

How many kids are you supposed to have?

It depends on where you live, number of available resources, etcObviously, in developed countries and with plenty of resources, you’re supposed to have more children than in poor countries with scarce resources. Still, in both cases, having just one child is irresponsible. Ideally, you should have at least two children (one boy and one girl).In any case, I would recommend to count children only from your own family 🙂

How Many Kids Will You Have? Personality Test Quiz

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