How much alcohol for wedding

The answer to this question is really depends on your situation and what you and your husband are comfortable with. We have had a lot of people ask us this question so I have listed some general guidelines that can give you some direction.Assuming that both you and your husband are ok with drinking, there is no real drinking limit for a wedding. I would suggest starting out with beer if you are having drinks at the reception or ceremony, then switching to wine for dinner. If you are going to be drinking alone (before/after the ceremony), I would recommend beer or hard liquor. If you are having only drinks during the reception, wine is appropriate (or champagne if you want to stick to tradition). For cocktail hour before dinner, cocktails would be appropriate (or beer if drinks are being served at the reception). Dinner should be wine or champagne (again beer if being served at the reception). If there is going to be a after-dinner drink, again wine or champagne would be appropriate. And finally if there is going to be a late night drink, coffee or tea would be appropriate.As far as alcohol consumption goes, I would also say that it depends on your relationship with your husband and how well you know each other. That being said, I think it is appropriate to start out with moderate drinking levels and slowly increase it as the night goes on. Tracking how much alcohol you have had throughout the night can help avoid over doing it. To help track how much alcohol you have had throughout the night try using a simple app like BACtrack or Stick Whisper. I also think having some sort of designated driver can help everyone stay safe and prevent anyone from driving home drunk.- Dr.Gabrielle Luu

How much alcohol do you need for a wedding of 50 people?

A wedding of 50 guests requires approximately 1.5 drinks per person. This number may vary depending on event details and your personal preference.The bride and groom should aim for a blood-alcohol level of .02. If you do not drink, please make sure a sober attendant is providing alcohol service. If you would like to host the drinks yourself, consult with a local bar or restaurant for serving guidelines.Blood-alcohol content is the best measurement after consuming only one drink, as it reflects both biological (tissue) and behavioral (behavioral response) factors (e.g., your body weight, gender, food intake).

How Much Alcohol Wedding

How to Calculate Alcohol Cost for Your Wedding

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