How much did alex drummond wedding cost

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, there are so many details to take care of, from dresses to food and venue. Here is a rough estimate on the cost of Alex drummond wedding.Flowers: ~ $1,000Ceremony: ~ $6,000-$10,000Reception: ~ $10,000Videographer: ~$5,000Photographer: ~$2,000Donations: ~$1,000-2,000Not included is the cost of food and beverages.Food and drinks can add up to as much as $10,000.Alex and Noah have invited around 100 guests to their wedding in Kochi.They are having an Indian wedding with traditional Kerala rituals and rituals but nontraditional wedding reception including mimosa bar and mini donuts.The total cost of the wedding is around 60 lakhs INR (about 8 million).Its very expensive but I am sure they will be happy with all the blessings they are receiving.

How much is the Drummond family worth?

Jonathan Drummond (born July 30 1963) is an American billionaire heir to the meat-packing and food companies McCain Foods and Armour food. He is the CEO of both companies, with a net worth of $2 billion according to Forbes.Trump has made some deals with him: In March 2018 it was announced that Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner secured a $300 million loan from the wealthy Drummond family as part of a deal that would secure a more than 100-year lease on Manhattan office space from the rear building to 666 Fifth Avenue – the property that was once owned by his family’s company.He is the great-grandson of John S. W. and Alice S. (McCain) Drummond who emigrated from Scotland in 1872 and built the fortune on their meat firm McCain, which was founded in 1896 by their son James.About his great wealth, Jonathan said: Im just humbled by it all, by Gods grace and favor weve been given

Ree Drummond Shares BTS Of Daughter Alex’s Wedding Day

Ree Drummond Made Daughter’s Wedding Menu!

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