How much does an indian wedding cost

It depends on the type of wedding you are planning and the city you are getting married in. Here are some price ranges for some common types of weddings.1) Small family wedding: $10,000 to $20,0002) Mid-size wedding: $15,000 to $30,0003) Large wedding: $20,000 to $50,0004) Traditional Indian Wedding: $30,000 to $100,0005) Beach Wedding: $50,000 to $100,00

How much does a upper middle class wedding cost in India?

Well, if you are looking at a wedding based on your budget, then it is never easy to say, but I can tell you that it will cost you around Rs.1 crore approximately. If you want to receive such expensive gift then you need to give expensive gifts as well. So, a total amount of both will be around Rs.1 crore. Moreover, this kind of big event demands lots of effort and professionalism as well so it will also require more time and effort. So, I am sure that this is possible only if both your parents are financially stable. If your parents can’t afford such an event then you can also consult with someone who is special in your life for this support. If both bride and groom are financially stable than no problem will arise in their side either so don’t think about that. Last but not least I would say that please take your parents opinion before marring the groom and bride due to some social issues in our society so that they can understand completely about this whole arrangement process and don’t disturb about the same (if they are not ok with children marriage).So, if everything suits them than there is no problem at all in front of them to give it a go with their blessings. Have a good Luck!

Is it cheaper to have a wedding in India?

This is a very individualistic question, and there is no straight ‘answer’ that is going to work for everyone. However, I will try my best to answer as honestly as possible.I would highly recommend you to have your wedding in India if:- You are marrying a local.- You don’t care about the cost (although there is more to be saved!).- You want an Indian experience (maybe the whole wedding? but that’s up to you).- You are happy with whatever choices you make.- You are open minded and can still enjoy yourself at the end of the day!

How much do Indian weddings usually cost?

The cost of an Indian wedding depends on a variety

Indian Wedding Cost – Total Budget, Average and …

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