How much is child support in alberta

There is no specific amount that needs to be paid in child support in Alberta. Child support is a percentage of child care expenses that is determined by the court based on the income of each parent and the needs of the child.In Alberta, child support is provided using a specific formula which takes into account the expenses of both parents to provide for the child (such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and other costs). However, no amount can be set before you go to court to discuss it. You need to know what your expenses are so you can present them to the judge. In order to get an amount set, you will need to go to court and ask for a hearing.The amount of child support will vary from case to case depending on the needs of the child and each parents income. It can also change if either or both parents get a raise or receive other income (like Unemployment insurance, Workers compensation or government benefits). You should figure out what you can afford each month and ask your parents for help with any extra expenses.

How is child support calculated Alberta?

Child Support is calculated by taking your gross weekly income and dividing it by the number of child contact days in a year. The amount of child support you are responsible for paying is based on the table below.Tablechild support calculatorAmountofchildsupportSingle person under age 18 $250 CAD per weeksingle person age 18 – 24 $350 CAD per weeksingle person age 25 – 34 $450 CAD per week single person age 35 – 44 $550 CAD per week single personage 45 – 54 $600 CAD per week single person over 54 $650 CAD per week residing with both parents (non-custody) $100 CAD per month residing with one parent only (custody) $125 CAD per month if you are self-employed, your income will be taken into consideration and the amount will be adjustedautomatically via your tax deductions.

How To Get Child Support (Alberta) and Calculate It (Canada)

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