How not to hate your husband after kids

It’s so easy to hate your husband after kids are born right?Trust me, it’s normal. Your lifes structure changes (you’re no longer alone) so you become even more critical or angry at the way he thinks, acts and most importantly their health. (Healthy and tortured babies will be around all the timehehe)So if you want him to changeand if you want them to change then you should love them. Because they’re the lifeblood of your marriage. The relationship between a mother/father and their baby is what actually shapes the child in them, not the other way around.

What to do when you hate your husband after kids?

Being a mother of two kids is truly a huge responsibility and I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. But sometimes, being a mother can be really challenging and frustrating as well.I feel that in such scenarios, it is normal to sometimes get frustrated, angry or even hate your husband. I know that it’s not easy to stay with someone when you don’t love them anymore. It takes a lot of strength and inner peace to do so. If at all you feel like leaving your husband, then it’s important that you do it in the best way possible for your kids’ sake.What to do when you hate your husband after kids? First, talk to him about it. Explain to him why you are feeling this way and see if he understands. If not, try to find a way to communicate better.Then, maybe try going for counselling or seek professional advice on how you can fix the situation. At the end of the day, it’s always about what is best for your family and no one other than yourselves knows that best.Finally, although clichd, build a strong relationship with your children’s father or guardian so that they know they are loved always by both parents.

“How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids”

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