How to divorce in skyrim

The easiest way to divorce in Skyrim is to find a priest or a jarl who can perform the deed for you. If you prefer not to involve the priesthood or jarls, then you can also use daggers or swords to do the deed yourself. There’s no catch and no funny business either; divorce is a simple matter of agreement and consent between the two of you.

How do you unmarry in Skyrim?

For those wondering how to get divorced in skyrim, here are the steps:1. Go to a temple and find the priest who is willing to perform your divorce.2. Speak to them and they will give you a papyrus scroll with your divorce papers on it.3. Take the paper to a witness and give them the paper. They will fill out the paperwork for you and give you your divorce papers back.4. Take your divorce papers and go to where you are getting divorced from, you may need to travel to an area that is not too far from where you are getting divorced from, this way the divorce will be finalised when you arrive at your destination.5. Go to court, represent yourself if necessary, file for divorce and receive your decree of separation.

Can you have multiple wives in Skyrim?

No, you cannot have multiple wives in Skyrim. This is an Elder Scrolls game after all, and so although it has the same sort of ‘god-like’ view on morality as its sister franchise of The Elder Scrolls, it does not hold to the same ideals.Skyrim allows polygamy, but only between two specific groups: your spouse and your existing spouse. You cannot marry two women at once or with another woman as a mistress in Skyrim.If you choose to start a relationship with a girl and she’s pregnant, you will then have the choice to marry her or not. If you choose to do so, she’ll become your wife. If not, she’ll retain her maidenhood and you can start a relationship with her again another time if you wish. It’s also possible for characters to die before you have the chance to marry them, so there isn’t any real consequence to taking this route if that’s your choice.

Can you remarry in Skyrim if your spouse dies?

If you’re married in Skyrim, your spouse is taken from you and you are left to grieve alone. There is no way to bring them back.However, there is a way to ‘remarry’ in Skyrim. In the Creation Kit, there is a function called ‘Get Married With followers’. This will allow you to marry another character with whom you have a relationship and who is a follower. Once the player marries this follower, they will become your spouse in every way. The player can also dismiss their spouse at any time by dismissing their follower and calling them away again. The marriage can be ended by either the player or their spouse by going back to the ‘Followers’ tab in your menus and selecting the other character again.

Quick Guide On How To Get Divorced In Skyrim

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