How to draw a face step by step for kids

If you want to draw a face of your kid, follow the picture below.1. Start with a round shape for the head, chin and eyes.2. Sculpt the nose bridge using two fingers.3. Use a pencil tip to draw the cheeks.4. Add the pupils of eyes and eyebrows using two lines (running from top to bottom).5. Connect the two lines to make eyebrows shape (at the end where it looks like an eyebrow).6. Finish the face by adding two small lines for the mouth and a line for the pupil of eye (to make it round) using a pencil tip.

How do you draw a simple face step by step?

Well, it is simple, you only need to add details one by one.1). Start from eyes by drawing a simple circle.2). Then add some lines for your eye shadow. And draw a faint line for your eyebrow. You can also add some lines for your eyelashes if you want.3). Add your lips and finish it with some shading on the corners of your lips.4). Draw your nose and finish it with some shading on the tips of the nose.5). Add your cheeks and finish it with some shading on the corners of the cheeks. And don’t forget to shade under your eyes too.

How do you draw a full face step by step?

Hair – I begin with a part in the centre of the hair, and then fan out each side. I then roots, curl and add extensions to the roots.Makeup – I use Anastasia dipbrow in dark brown, Sugarpill Vamped in teddy, Essence eyeliner pencils in Bcasualbrown , Maybelline fit me smooth in natural beige , Maybelline Fit me powder in fair, Mac Studio finish concealer in NC 35/NC 16.Contour – I use Nudestix contour and highlighter palette , Rimmel Kate Erin concealer pen .Foundation – I use Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in light 45 . Contour – I use Illamasqua complexion powder contour palette , Nudestix luminous bronzing goddess . Highlighter-benefit hoola . Lips-Kylie lip kit liquid lipstick in khaos kush .Trust me guys this is an honestly easy step by step for a full face. First of all plait your hair

How do you draw a boys face for kids?

Dont just copy someones picture. You have to draw it in your own perspective, by using your imagination and knowledge. Try to draw a real boy’s face using simple shapes and blobs. Then refine it. When the face is done, go over it with detail shading. When the face is finished, try to draw a male dancer’s face.

How to Draw a Face for Kids

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