How to draw a wedding dress

First, draw the body of the dress like a circle begin with a line from the shoulders down to the bottom and draw one more line from mids to finish. After you finish drawing lines see if it looks like circle or not. If not then change the shape till it looks like a circle.The next step is to draw the sleeves, one of them starts from under arms to reach shoulder and the other one reaches shoulder line. Start with a line and end it with a point on line you’ve drawn before so it looks like sleeves coming out.Then comes the skirt, start by drawing one long vertical line to fit body of girl. Then just draw following lines in circle so that it fits her body perfectly. Make sure that both ends of axis is on top and not on bottom of dress, so it doesn’t turn into a cone shape later. Also make sure that your vertical lines are matching each other at all angles which will be turned later Draft lower part of dress first like so;

How to draw a wedding dress – Easy drawing for beginners

How to Draw a Wedding Dress – Fashion Sketching

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