How to draw eyes for kids

There are a few steps you can take to help your child create the eyes they have always wanted.Start with a simple outline of the eye and add details as you go. Start with the outer rim of the eye, then work your way in. Use eye pencil to start, then use your finger to blend in the edges. Add lashes by penciling on top, then blending with your finger.For smaller eyes, use a thicker line for the outer part and a thinner one for the inner section. Larger eyes require a similar treatment, but with more emphasis on the outer edge of the iris. If you want to make them more realistic, draw eyebrows underneath them and beneath that eyebrow fill in some of the space between the eyes to give them shape and volume.

How do you draw cute eyes easy?

Start off with a light brown eyeshadowApply a thin layer of black eyeshadow with your ring finger to line the bottom of your eye.Apply a thin layer of brown eyesh bloody to line the inner corners of your eye.Apply a thin layer of navy blue eyeshadow to highlight the socket area of your eye using your finger.Apply a thin layer of sky blue eyeshadow to highlight the outer corners of your eye.Apply a thin layer of brown eyeshadow as transition shade between your transition shade and eyeliner.Use white eyeliner to define your upper lash line.Use a brown pencil eyeliner to define your lower lash line.

How do you draw an eye in 2 minutes?

Use these easy steps:1). Trace the shape of the eye with a pencil.2). Use a large cat-arou attention. The smaller your pupil is, the more sensitive the eye will look.3). Draw little circles, one for each eye and both for the iris. Use the same tip. The eyes must be somewhat dark and little spaced out in order to show up.

How do you draw a kids eyes for beginners?

Start with eye shadow and blend, and then add line to replicate shape of the eye. Add black liner on lower lash line and white on upper lash line.Before moving on, apply mascara and blend. Apply line through pupil to imitate the shape of the pupil. Then add smaller lines on outer corners of eyes to represent lashes. Add two dots in each eye for iris. Finally apply false lashes, if necessary.I hope this helps all of you!

How to Draw EYES Step by Step – for kids with project ideas …

How to Draw Eyes

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