How to file a petition for child support

A petition for child support may be filed by either parent.If the obligor is not the biological or legal father of the child, a paternity test may be required. If a paternity test is not required, a court may approve an adoption decree recognizing the child as the obligor’s child.If the obligor is not the biological or legal father but has agreed to contribute to the child’s support, a court may order him to make such a contribution. The amount of such an award will be based on guidelines established by state and federal governments.If both parents are willing and able to contribute to the support of their child, there may be no need for a court to intervene. If both parents are not contributing equally, however, a court may order them to do so.

How do I file a motion for child support in Florida?

A Florida court may award child support if a parent must financially support a child or children. This support is called child support. The amount of the child support award depends on many factors, including each parent’s income and the needs of the child or children.To file for child support, you will need to go to family court in your county of residence. At this hearing, you will need to file a motion for child support and provide supporting evidence. The judge will review your motion and may give you instructions about how to arrange your supporting documents.You can find more information about filing for child support in Florida on the website for the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Chapter 2: Motion to Modify Child Support

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