How to file for divorce in alberta

In Alberta, it is not necessary to go through the court system to get a divorce. In Alberta, you can file for a divorce on your own.If you are getting a divorce due to marital breakdown, it is sometimes necessary to go through a marriage counselling program or mediation. The purpose of this is to work out any issues that may be causing the breakdown of the marriage. This includes financial issues, child custody and access, support payments, and any other concerns that may be affecting the marriage. It is also important to try to come up with solutions for any problems that may arise in the future.After you have reached an agreement on all of the details of your divorce, you will need to file a petition with the family court. The family court will then schedule a hearing on your petition. At this hearing, they will look at all of the details of your case and make a decision on whether or not you are eligible for a divorce based on fault. If so, they will give you a date when you can have your paperwork signed. Then they will issue an order for possession and division of marital assets. After that, you can file for final dissolution of marriage in Alberta.

Divorce 101 in Alberta

Divorce in Alberta: The Basics by Kahane Law

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