How to file for divorce in massachusetts

You can file for divorce in Massachusetts by filing a complaint for divorce or separation with the clerk’s office of the circuit or district court where you file your complaint.If you live in a judicial district served by a single clerk’s office, only that clerk’s office can handle your case. To find out where to file your case, you can contact the clerk’s office or check the county court web site.

What are the steps to getting a divorce in Massachusetts?

The process of getting a divorce in Massachusetts is very different from state to state. Usually, the first step is for one spouse to file for divorce with the court. Then, the court will hold a hearing to discuss what will happen with all of the couple’s assets and debts. After that, both spouses must legally follow certain steps in order to end the marriage.This may include:1. Giving a spouse an explanation for ending the marriage2. Dividing up all of the marital property3. Transferring all of the family health insurance coverage to each spouse4. Transferring any spousal visas or green cards to each spouse5. Filing a required financial disclosure form with the court6. Applying for necessary benefits under Social SecurityOnce all of these steps are completed, you will receive a final divorce decree from the court. From there, you can begin your new life as single person without your spouse.’

How to File For Divorce in Massachusetts

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