How to find divorce records in ontario canada

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find divorce records in Ontario. The easiest way is to contact the county court where the divorce was filed and request the court records. The records may be available in person at the county court, or you may have to order them via mail. Once you have the records, it is best to search for specific information about the divorce, such as child custody arrangements or financial settlements.

Is there a public list of divorces?

There isn’t a public list of divorce. But you can find divorce records online. To find divorce records online, you can do a simple search using the following terms:1. Divorce Records2. Divorce Records Online3. Divorce Records Online Free4. Divorce Records uk5. Divorce Records Usa

Are divorce records public in Ontario Canada?

Yes, divorce records are public in Ontario Canada. However, the information that is available may vary depending on where the divorce was finalized.Divorce records are typically available through the Vital Records Office at the provincial or territorial level. These records can include: Divorce documents Child custody orders Paternity orders Record of marriage certificates Record of birth certificates Death certificates of parents and children Orders for child support and/or spousal support Order to locate parent, child or intimate partner

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