How to get a divorce certificate in ontario

It is possible to get a divorce certificate in Ontario provided you can produce the following documents:1. A signed statement from your spouse acknowledging that the marriage is over and giving their consent for the divorce to be obtained. It should also be stated whether you are requesting joint custody or sole custody of your children.2. A copy of the divorce certificate from your province or country that includes both your and your spouse’s names, from which you are divorced.3. Proof of birth certificates for all children, if applicable. If you are both parents, each of you will require copies of birth certificates for all children, as well as marriage certificates if applicable. If joint custody is requested, copies of both parents’ driver’s licenses or passports will be required. If sole custody is requested, only one parent will need a copy of the other’s birth certificate. The divorce certificate and other required documents can be obtained from services such as court packers or online at (a division of My Family Experts).

How can I get my divorce certificate?

The necessary procedure for getting a divorce certificate is as follows:1. Gather all relevant documents before approaching the Divorce Certificates Authority (DCA).2. Contact DPS STD Chennai or LLMTS Nagpur by writing or calling on the following numbers-E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Numbers: +91-22-66202262, +91-22-66207013, +91-22-66031942, +91

How does divorce work in Ontario?

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