How to get a divorce in alberta

In Alberta, a divorce may be obtained by the application of one spouse to the court. There are two grounds upon which a divorce may be obtained, namely marriage breakdown and living apart.To obtain a divorce based on the grounds of marriage breakdown, the requesting spouse must establish that there has been a breakdown of their marriage. The breakdown of marriage must be serious and irremediable. There must also be no reasonable likelihood that the relationship can be repaired.To obtain a divorce based on the grounds of living apart, there must be a breakdown in the couple’s marriage, as well as irremediable and compelling circumstances that have resulted in the spouses being physically apart for an extended period of time or for all practical purposes.Any divorce obtained in Alberta must be decreed by an Alberta court. The Alberta court will follow the guidelines provided by the Supreme Court of Canada.

How much does it cost to get divorced in Alberta?

There are no fees to get a divorce in Alberta. You will have to pay court costs and a filing fee when you file your paperwork at the provincial court.Fees can vary based on your situation, but the Court of Queens Bench in Alberta (where most divorces are filed) charges $611 (with taxes) for a simplified divorce, and $1051 (with taxes) for a traditional divorce.

How long does it take to get divorce in Alberta?

Usually, you can expect your divorce to be finalized in about a year.You will need to attend court hearings and may need to take time off work to do so.In order to finalize your divorce, one of the spouses must meet certain conditionsthese include:1) they must be living in Alberta, Canada; and2

Divorce 101 in Alberta

Divorce in Alberta: The Basics by Kahane Law

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