How to get a divorce in bc

I would recommend to start by talking to a family lawyer and understanding your legal rights and options. You can also attend a mediation session (free of charge) to help you reach a resolution with your spouse. If you cannot come up with a solution together, you can take the matter to court for a final decision.

How do I start a divorce in BC?

The process of a divorce in British Columbia is similar to that of a divorce in other provinces, though there are a few variations based on whether you are divorcing from a heterosexual or homosexual couple.As in other provinces, the first step in getting a divorce in BC is to get a decree of divorce from the court. Once the decree is granted, you and the other spouse must appear in front of the judge to explain your reasons for requesting the divorce. The judge will then make the final decision on whether the marriage should be ended.After the divorce is finalized, you will be responsible for dividing any assets that you and your spouse owned together. You will also be required to pay child support and alimony (spousal support) to your ex-spouse.Once your divorce is finalized, you will both be eligible to remarry. However, you may still encounter some restrictions on who can marry into your family unit. This can include your children, your parents and siblings, as well as extended family members like grandparents and aunts and uncles.

How to Ask for Divorce in Your BC Notice of Family Claim.

Divorce and Separation: Where to Start

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