How to get married in bc without a wedding

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Can you get married without a wedding?

You can get married without a wedding. You can do it in the presence of family or in a church or in some other place of your own.It is your choice. If you want to have a traditional wedding, then it is your right too. However, I respect those who don’t want to do it that way.

Can a friend officiate a wedding in BC?

A friend can offer to be a witness for your wedding, which means you dont have to be there. You can also hire a witness who wont be your friend. Many couples choose to hire someone who isnt involved in their day because it makes the ceremony more personal and special.If you choose to hire someone, they can help you find the perfect ceremony setting and make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. They can also offer support if you need it.If you want to be married by someone you know well, its an honour for them to officiate your ceremony. They may want to learn more about your love story or ask you questions about your relationship before hand. They will also be able to understand what kind of ceremony you want, so they can create the perfect atmosphere for the event.

How can we celebrate marriage without wedding?

Celebrate your marriage with the following:1. Have a small get-together with your friends and family.2. Go on a vacation together (or whichever you two prefer).3. Have a massage or spa day.4. Go on a shopping trip together.5. Have a cook-out at your house (with invitees only obviously).6. Go on a walk or hike together if you both like that kind of thing.7. Go out for dinner/lunch at whichever restaurant the two of you like most and least expensive.

How to get married in BC

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