How to make a toy robot for kids

You can make a toy robot for kids using some household items.You need-toys (a ball, a spool, a pipe and some other items)-scrap paper-glue gun and crafting paper-paint and paint brush-leaves or sticks for legs.-Glue gun is the best for this project.-Follow the step by step picture below to make your own toy robot.

What is the easiest robot to make?

The easiest robot to make is a bot that replies to your text messages with funny emoji faces.Start with a dumb-waiter .Send funny emoji faces to your friends in text messages.The dumbwaiter silently and automatically prints out the emoji faces and attaches them to the end of the text message you sent.You can then share the emoji faces with thousands of people all over the world!.

How to make a robot in home materials?

First select the robot you want to build.Second collect all the required materials. Robotic projects usually require few non-domestic materials, a lot of mechanical parts and a variety of electronic components.Third prepare your workspace, its important to avoid electrical hazards and keep everything in place.Fourth take an electrical board and connect red, orange and yellow wires to it, then connect the motors (R1, R2), I2C Sensor (S1), Servo Motor (M3) and Battery Connector together.After that put all the parts together.Lastly connect the board with the PC via USB cable.

How To Make Recycle Homemade DIY ROBOT for Kids

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