How to pay court fees for divorce

Please follow the below-given steps to pay court fees for divorce:1. Go to your local court and find out the address and contact details of the court.2. In case you dont know the address of court, follow this link and get the information on Google Maps.3. Once you have the address and contact details of the court, visit the court using your travel mode or using public transport.4. Once you reach at the court, look for an officer sitting in front of the court who can help you in getting information regarding Court fees and other related queries regarding divorce. You can ask them directly or you can directly ask an officer sitting at counter who is conversing with someone or people, if you dont know who it is. The person who is sitting at counter can give you detailed instructions regarding payment process of individual case or Court fee as a whole.5. You need to pay a nominal amount to that person, who will provide you with details about individual cases where this fee is payable and how much is that fee going to be paid in total.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in NH?

As of May 2017, the cost to file for divorce in NH is $15.00. You will also be responsible for hiring and paying for a local NH lawyer to help with the case.

Who Pays the Costs of an Ontario Divorce?

Divorce Court Fees in 2015, How much does a divorce cost?

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