How to play wedding march on piano

There are many ways to play a wedding march on piano. One of the most simple and common wedding march piano arrangements is a two-measure progression, featuring alternating eighth notes and sixteenth notes, played at 112 beats per minute:A two-measure wedding march piano arrangement may be played as a medley. A wedding march medley is a series of two-measure pieces played in sequence. Each two-mearter is played twice, once with upbeat eighth notes and again with syncopated sixteenth notes:Another common way to play a wedding march on piano is to play it as a solo piece. A solo arrangement may feature melody in the left hand and accompaniment in the right hand:A third method for playing a two-measure wedding march on piano involves a single variation of the theme. This can be done by repeating the first two measures and then slowly dragging both hands through each of the following four measures:

What key is wedding march on piano?

It depends on the song you are playing on piano!But some common ones to try are-Leaving my adorable little flat (Lord Of The Flies by Pink Floyd)-Bridal Chorus from West Side Story (piano solo)-What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (from the musical Mary Poppins)-This is My Love, written by Amy Grant and Kenny Crouch.

Mendelssohn – Wedding March – EASY Piano Tutorial

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