How to size kids skis

first decide calf size for the kid then use that number for all sizes15-18 155-163 cm19-21 164-170 cm22-24 171-176 cm25-27 177-183 cm28-30 184-190 cm31-33 191-198 cm34-36 199-205 cm37-39 206-212 cm40 213cm41 215cm42 217cm43 219cm44 221cm45 223cm46 225cm47 227cm48 229cm49 231cm50 233cm51 235cm52 237cm53 239cm54 241cm55 243cm56 245cm57 247cm58 249cm59 251Sizeing Kids Skis – 20 Sec.

What size skis for 7 year old?

I think the best size for 7 year olds would be between 120-145 cm. I think that’s the best size to start on as their feet are still growing. Once they have grown a little bit more from those lengths you can go up to 155cm.I would also recommend something like Dynafit Mondo 155cm as they are really good skis and come with bindings and everything.Obviously 7 year olds won’t be doing any serious binding off so it’s probably not worth it for them to buy full priced ones, but I think it is worth it for them to try the Dynafit Mondo 155cm which only costs around 225, so quite cheap and you can get them bindings separately.Hope this helps!

How to Size Kids Skis

How to Choose & Size Kids’ Skis

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