How to sponsor family member to canada

If you are planning to immigrate to canada, then you may want to sponsor your family members. This is possible provided they meet the eligibility criteria.In order to be eligible, they need to be:- admissible under the IRCC’s Family Class- In economic well-being- Of good character- Not dependent on the public for support.- If you are looking for a better life in canada, your family may be an asset for you. However, make sure that they meet the criteria above before sponsorship is finalised.

How much do I need to sponsor my family to Canada?

The minimum income requirement to immigrate to Canada as a family is C$24,775, and you will need to prove it with your bank statements.The United States is not the only country that has a cost associated with immigration to Canada. In order to immigrate, you will need to have funds available for the following:-Housing costs-Food costs-Transportation costs-Medical expenses-Nursing Homes Costs-Gift Shop Costs-Dentist/Doctor visits or medical supplies.

How long does it take to sponsor a relative to Canada?

The application process for a sponsorship to Canada can be very long and tedious one. Furthermore the approval of the application is also not guaranteed. The approval process take long time because of the strict policy followed by government of Canada.But despite all this, the approval is almost final and you can start your new life in Canada. However you should know that the approval of your case is not guaranteed. So it is better to start applying as soon as possible.The approval takes sometime because of following reasons:1). Background check: It check your background and find out if you are fit to stay in Canada on permanent basis or not.2). Security check: It check your past record and money that you have with you to stay in Canada on permanent basis or not.3). Medical exam: It check your health condition in order to take decision of approval or rejection about your case.

Sponsor a family member to Canada


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