How to stop divorce

Firstly, understand each others point of view. Try to understand the reason for divorce and do not take any sides. Try to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.Secondly, avoid arguments. Seek understanding and be cooperative.Thirdly, continue with life as usual and try to meet each other frequently.Fourthly, Communicate regularly and openly with respect to each others feelings.Fifthly, Make changes in your life that you both can agree upon.

How do I save my marriage when one wants out?

Without giving specifics, I can say that it can be done, but it will require strong belief, love and sacrifice on both sides. It is hard, but you can make it work.Whenever a relationship is headway, both parties feel the positive energy. But once they lose interest, they both feel the negative emotions, which makes it hard to sustain the relationship.If one wants out of the marriage, they should always communicate their feelings, both positive and negative ones. If your spouse understand your feelings, you can have an open discussion about your desires to heal or separate.The most important thing is sacrifice , no matter how hard it may be for you. Love yourself enough to stay with your partner. You need to love yourself more than your partner does . Not doing this will cause further damage in your relationship.

How To Stop A Divorce

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