How to watch the royal wedding in canada

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be broadcast in Canada on the following channels:CTV: 1). July 13-15 starting at 9pm ET2). July 13-15 starting at 11pm ET3). July 14-15 starting at 9am ET4). July 14-15 starting at 11am ET5). July 14-15 at 4:30pm ET6). July 14-15 at 7:30pm ET7). July 15 starting at 12pm ET8) July 16 starting at 10am PT9) July 16 starting at 2pm PT10)TLC. 11)FOUR. 12)IFC.13)13th and CINEMAX. Channel Number (all times Eastern Time):1). CN OT/1 CA OT/1 2). CN OT/2 CA OT/2 3). CN OT/3 CA OT/3 4). CN OT/4 CA OT/4 5). CN FR/1 CA FR/1 6). CN FR/2 CA FR/2 7).CN FR/3 CA FR/3 8 ).CN FR/4 CA FR/4 9 ).CN FR. 1 CA FR. 1 10 ).CN FR. 2 CA FR. 2 11 ).CNFR. 3CAFR. 3 12 ).CNFR. 4CAFR.4

Where can I watch Harry and Meghan’s wedding?

The couple that are set to marry this May will be celebrating their wedding in the United Kingdom. The British royal family have announced that they will be hosting the ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex purchased for the prince and princess’ wedding.When the newlyweds reach Windsor Castle, they will start their celebrations early. That’s because Harry and Meghan are part of a long lineage of monarchs who have hosted a morning reception at Windsor Castle after their wedding. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have attended these morning receptions for many years. They have enjoyed a champagne reception in the King George room with all of their wedding guests.The Queen and Prince Philip will likely still attend Harry and Meghan’s ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, which is where they will exchange vows. After they return to London, a ball will be held in one of Windsor Castle’s courtyards at around midnight, where everyone can enjoy food and drinks together.

How Canadians are celebrating the royal wedding

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