Ideas on what to wear to a wedding

I think that there are no standard dress for a wedding. The only thing that you need to remember is that it should be appropriate for the occasion. If you are invited to a wedding, then you should wear something that fits the event. If you are not invited, then it is not necessary to wear something special, just respect the event and dress appropriately.

What does a woman wear to a 4pm wedding?

As the name suggests , Four oClock weddings are weddings that are held at Four o Clock in the afternoon. Thats because in India, weddings start at midnight, which is followed by a huge wedding party till late night. But many couples are shifting to four oclock as it gives them more flexibility and less pressure.Typically four oclock wedding is the final touch of an Asian wedding where family and friends celebrate together with the bride and groom in a very informal way . The bride is not allowed to walk down the aisle till her father gives her hand to her groom . So for that , try wearing white chiffon saree with Dudhia or Saree or Khameez or Chiffon Kurta or Kameez or Chiffon Chetija with Anarkali pajamas .

What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest


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