Trophy kids where are they now

Trophy kids are actual children who had been adopted by rich individuals as their biological children. These kids were unfairly treated and made to stay in isolated environments. Some of the trophies got mental issues and committed suicide or committed crimes such as murder. There are many cases of this.The government finally started doing something about the issue in 2016 but trophy kids are still being abused today in various ways. The kids are often kept away from their own families and most trophies have no access to friends or schools. They also can not see their biological parents, who are very wealthy themselves, despite being only a few miles away from them. The reason for this is because the trophies’ biological parents don’t want them to know about their real backgrounds or that they were adopted at all, so they have convinced the trophies’ adoptive parents that they dont want them to leave the house, see their friends or go to school.The trophy family is supposed to be a dream family, but there isnt any love between them and they pretend to be happy so that their adoptive parents wont question why they dont want to go out. The trophies feel like theyre trapped in a cage and like prisoners every day of their lives, even though they’re living free in the most luxurious and extravagant houses around with everything they could ever want. Their adoptive parents care more about money than about the trophies and will do whatever’s necessary for financial gain including neglecting the trophies’ emotional needs and health problems which ultimately leads to death for some of them often from suicide or drugs because of the pain they feel inside.Many people turn a blind eye to this situation because of how difficult it is for them to accept that someone else’s child is not really theirs anymore due to how much money is at stake for the parents both financially and mentally. But there are also many people who know about it but choose to look the other way as this unethical practice continues unfazed by anyone (while also benefiting from it financially). So before you think that this might be just some fictitious story made up by someone on the internet, please take into consideration all of these real stories that I’ve heard firsthand from so many people who’ve lived through this situation over many years now (many of whom still suffer today).

What are trophy children?

There is a saying- the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. If a child is smart, kind, and behaves well, that child has a good chance of becoming a trophy kid. A trophy kid is someone who is popular for all the right reasons. Someone who never does anything wrong or gets in trouble. There is no real way to tell if you are a trophy kid or not but it can feel like it.A trophy kid has no worries and stays out of trouble. They are always on top of everything and dont make mistakes. Everyone wants to be around them because they seem so happy and perfect. They are very charismatic, love being the center of attention, and wont back down from anyones demands. Its sad because they dont see the negative side effects of this but that doesnt matter to other people. All they see is what they want to see.- Elissa Malaspina (aged 16)

Trophy kids

State of Play: Peter Berg on Trophy Kids (HBO Sports)

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