Wedding night what happens

The wedding night is a different experience for everyone, but some things are universal:1. You will want to relax and rest after your wedding ceremony.2. You may be experiencing a surge of hormones and be a little nervous or anxious.3. You may be experiencing a change in appetite, body image, or life expectations. This is totally normal and temporary.4. You may want to soak in the bathtub or get a nice hot bath with some aromatherapy oils and candles. Enjoy this alone time even if your new spouse is there with you!

What do you do in your wedding night?

If you are like me then you might have some questions on your wedding night but then again none at all. I was a little bit nervous and excited to know what my new wife is thinking about me. The main thing I suggest is to be more romantic, to go slow and enjoy it, take it day by day which can never be learnt. If you both like each other then its working already. I suggest some thing like if the first time she used your tooth brush or comb it’s something that probably makes you feel very special and is a little private.Something like link arms around each other in front of family, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, kissing and hugging again with everyone together is something we do when we are in the privacy of our own room in our new home.

Our FIRST wedding night! What really happens??

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