What am i entitled to in a divorce in bc

The types of things a person may get in a divorce in British Columbia, Canada include:1.Spousal support. This is money that one spouse gives to the other for a period of time. Spousal support is often called alimony in other countries. The amount of spousal support may be set out in a court order or written agreement or it may be agreed to by the spouses at the time of the divorce. Spousal support can last for a fixed amount of time or for a period of time that is agreed to by the spouses.2.Alimony is not automaticallyxy given in all circumstances. A judge will look at many factors when deciding whether to order spousal support or alimony, including:a.the standard of living the spouses had during the marriageb.the ability of each spouse to earn moneyc.the age and health of each spoused.any child-support obligationse.any other financial needs of either spousef.any criminal background of either spouseg.the dependants (such as children and elderly parents) of either spouse who will require support; and how much money they needh.any other relevant facts about each spouse and their situation, such as any disability, educational needs, or other special needsbills from legal counsel or from professional services such as accountants and medical practitioners are sometimes included in spousal support agreements; but these bills can be paid only from funds available for spousal supportcif there are debts incurred during the marriage, these debts must be divided between the spouses; but if there are no debts incurred during the marriage, then any remaining debts must be shared by both spousesdif there are joint assets, these assets must be shared between the spouses; but if there are no joint assets then they are exclusively owned by one spouseehow long spousal support will last may also be specifiedby how much one spouse can increase his or her standard of living without needing more spousal supportfspouses sometimes agree on what will happen if one spouse dies before the end of their period of spousal supportgif both spouses have children, then this may affect how much spousal support is awarded; for example only one parent may receive spousal support if both parents have custodyA judge who decides whether to make an order for spousal support or alimony must consider many factors, including:the standard of

Do I have to support my wife after divorce?

Yes, you do have to support your wife after divorce. The court will require you to support your ex-wife until she gets her financial situation up to par. Even if she is the one who left the marriage, the court expects that she will need some help. If you do not give your wife financial support, then she can ask the court for an order requiring you to do so.

Who is entitled to spousal support in BC?

Spousal support is money paid by one spouse to the other for the support of their relationship. The court can order support if there is a breakdown in a marriage or common-law relationship, and the main purpose of the support is to help the spouse maintain their standard of living.The amount and duration of spousal support can be up to the judges discretion. In most cases, it can be paid from one spouse to another. It can also be paid from a third party, such as a lawyer or court-appointed administrator.In addition to spousal support, there are several other types of support that spouses may be able to pursue in BC: Alimony is typically paid to one spouse after the end of a marriage or common-law relationship, if that person needs additional financial help. (Alimony is different from spousal support, which is money given directly to one spouse.)Child support pays for the expenses related to raising children (for example, daycare and education). This type of support is only awarded if both spouses agree. It isnt automatically ordered by the courtthe parents have to apply for it in court. In BC, child support requirements are very strict, and its difficult for parents without high income to get child support approved.Pension alimony can be ordered in some cases where one spouse has an income that allows them to receive a pension while their partner must work.

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