What hand do your wedding ring go on

Weddings are the most important event in a woman’s life and they always have to look gorgeous.So what hand do your wedding ring go on? Regardless of whichever hand you have, it is better to wear a wedding ring on the left or right hand. You can choose which hand to wear your wedding ring on. If you are left handed then wear it on your left hand and if you are right handed then wear it on your right hand.It is a superstition that is believed that if you wear a wedding ring on the same hand with which you take off, then this will give you bad luck.So, I would say whichever hand you prefer to wear your wedding ring on, do so and dont worry about superstitions.

What hand does a woman’s wedding ring go on?

It’s a general rule that women wear their wedding rings on the left hand. It makes more sense because that’s the hand that is most commonly used to hold things like pens and paper. It can also be more difficult to accidentally drop something on your right hand, although it is possible. If this is a problem, you can change your ring to fit on your other hand if you prefer. You could even wear two rings at the same time if you choose to. It’s just a preference.

Which hand is for engagement?

: Which hand is for engagement?Most of the people you ask this question would respond with a totally wrong answer, but I am here to tell you that it is not true at all. The answer is so simple that anyone can understand it.Neither one hand nor the other hand is for engagement. It is neither right nor left hand; it is your hands are both equally good for engagement, hence both are equally dominant and equally comfortable. You should not worry which hand to use for engagement; your hands will do the work perfectly well no matter which one you use. It is always better to go with your instinct and intuition than taking someone’s view.


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