What hand to wear a wedding ring

It is totally your choice! You can choose to wear your wedding ring on your right or left hand. It is completely your choice!If you are wearing it on your right hand then you can use it to open doors etc. If you are wearing it on your left hand you can use it to shake hands.However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. If you are allergic to metal then I strongly recommend that you wear a wedding ring on your non-dominant hand as it will make it harder for you to scratch yourself. So, either wear it on your right hand or don’t wear a ring at all!

Is left or right hand wedding ring?

The best way to know which hand is best for wedding ring is to try them on. If you are comfortable wearing it, choose the left hand. If you feel more natural wearing it on the right hand, then go with the right.It’s also a personal choice as to which you preferleft or rightbut we do recommend that you both agree on one hand so there aren’t any mix-ups.You can find rings in many styles and varieties at places like Amazon and other online retailers. Take advantage of coupon codes to get the best deal!

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On


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