What happens on first wedding night

Things are going well on your first wedding night! You’ll likely be really tired, so try not to overdo it.First, take your time kissing and undressing each other. Make sure you have time to yourselves as well, as you don’t want to rush anything. If you’re looking for a special moment, try the bathroom mirror or your husband’s dressing room.Once you’re naked, embrace each other and feel each other up. Maybe give a small kiss on the chest or kiss your way down. Although foreplay is not strictly necessary the first time, it can be nice if both of you are into it.

How does it feel on the first night of marriage?

It is a very difficult time, not because of the first night of marriage or the process itself but its complicated phase, especially for those whose parents have failed to be a part of it. It feels weird, but despite this feeling whatever was decided by your parents dont harm your relationship.Its said that first night is not only to respect your parents but its your duty to teach them a lesson and make them understand Children are the future.But I also feel that in another way also its sort of a dream come true. You know you are growing up and everyone asks you “When are you two going to get married?” You wish when you both grow up, life would change in front of their eyes so that they would take their decision. But even though you love each other more than anything in this world that feeling doesnt make any sense, because nobody else understands you both, it just makes things complicated.

What happens married at First Night?

If a person is married at his/her first meeting with his/her partner on their engagement or love shivah then there is no need to attend First Night. The person can celebrate by themselves.If a couple has already met each other then they can choose to celebrate together. If one of the parties is missing, then the other one can celebrate separately.

Our FIRST wedding night! What really happens??

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