What happens when you are served divorce papers

When you get divorce papers, that indicates that your marriage is over. The divorce process can be very complicated and it could take some time before you know the final outcome. Depending on the circumstances of your marriage, you may be able to obtain a divorce without any legal representation. If you cannot afford a lawyer, there are legal aid agencies that can help you with the process.Once you receive the divorce papers, you will have to serve your spouse. This is when the divorce process officially begins. Before signing the papers, make sure you understand everything that is written in them. Once you are completely sure that the divorce is justified, you will need to prepare yourself for the final stages of your marriage. You will need to sell any assets that are not being kept by either spouse. You will also need to make plans for child support and any spousal support if applicable. If your marriage was for child-rearing purposes, then planning for child care may also be necessary. After all of these details are taken care of, it is time to finalize everything with a lawyer or notary public.

What happens when a man files for divorce?

It is a very difficult decision for both spouse to file for divorce, but they need to follow the law in order to protect their rights and the childrens best interest. When one spouse files for divorce, legal separation is not automatically granted. Only if there are exceptional circumstances (such as: abuse, drug addiction, illegal activities) may the court grant a spouse legal separation. If a court grants a spouse legal separation, they have the same rights and responsibilities as spouses have during marriage. If a spouse wants to file for divorce, they must do so by filing a petition with the court. The petitioner has the right to ask the court for all of their marital property and debts and also any separate property that was acquired after marriage (such as stocks or mutual funds). When a spouse asks for their marital property and debts and any separate property, they must provide proof of their ownership. In addition, when marital property is being divided between spouses during divorce, each party must receive an equitable share of the assets (this means that one party does not get more than what is fair given their contribution to the marriage).The process of filing for divorce can be long, confusing and emotionally painful. It is important to work with someone who can help you navigate through this difficult time. If you want someone who is familiar with South Carolina family law and can help you through this process call Stephanie DeLand at 843-564-9219 or visit www.stephaniedelandlaw.com

What To Do After Being Served Divorce Papers

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