What is a wedding garter

A garter is a short piece of elastic ribbon with a metal or plastic hook attached to one end. It is placed on the leg as a symbol of wedding vows.A garter is traditionally worn by the bride on her right leg, and the groom on his left leg. It is placed above the knee. The bride and groom each hold the ends of the garter, pull it up, and cross it back behind their backs. They each hold onto the opposite side to cross over it under their knees. This represents the joining of their lives.Each bride and groom then take one hand and reach across their bodies to take the other hand of another person in wedding party. They clasp hands and pray: I take you [name], to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forwardfor better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health, till death do us partThe garter can be removed after this crossing over ceremony is complete.

What symbolizes the garter at a wedding?

The garter is an extremely old tradition, in fact, it goes way back to the middle ages. The tradition is to place the garter under the brides dress or wedding gown after her initial walk down the aisle.The purpose of this tradition is to symbolize that the bride is now owned by her husband. This is a very old tradition that was passed on from mother in law to daughter in law.So dont forget to place the garter after your wedding ceremony to show that your wife is now your property.

How To Select A Wedding Garter

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