What is child support based on

If you are the mother, you are generally obligated to provide for the physical and financial needs of your child and those of the father if he is in the childs life. The child support order will establish the amount you must pay, and the father must pay the amount ordered.In calculating child support, courts consider a number of factors, including:The physical and financial needs of each child;The income and assets of each parent;The relative needs of each parent;The distance between each parents residence and the residence of the child; and,The cost of essential goods and services.

How do they determine child support in PA?

In Pennsylvania, child support is calculated using a standardized formula set by the Pennsylvania Department of Child Protection Services (DCPS). The formula takes into account both parents incomes, the number of children in care, and the standard of living for the child. Couples can agree to use an alternative child support calculation if it is more accurate or takes into account their specific circumstances.The DCPS child support formula uses these factors:1. State child care tax credit amount2. Gross monthly income before taxes and deductions3. Number of children in care (or expected number)4. Standard of living for child (or public assistance amount)5. Cost of health insurance coverage for minor children6. Each partys percentage of responsibility for health coverage7. Each partys percentage of responsibility for day care expenses8. Mothers percentage of need for health coverage under Child Care Assistance and Special Needs Plans, as well as medical debt forgiveness programs if applicable9. Each partys percentage of need for food, clothing, transportation, and other items under the MAGI guidelines.

What is the minimum child support in Florida?

In Florida, child support is calculated based on the child’s needs and the available income of both parents. The guidelines for calculating child support in Florida are as follows:1. 50% of the parent’s income goes to the children.2. The remaining 50% is divided between the two parents.3. Each parent is responsible for meeting half of the children’s healthcare, education and other expenses.

What is the maximum child support in California?

The maximum child support in California is 66% of the paying parents income. The amount of child support is determined by calculating a percentage of income, called the child support percentage.Your percentage of income is calculated by taking 70% of your income plus your spouses percentage of income (if you are married). This is your combined percentage.You then subtract the childs proportion from that, which gives you your percentage of their income: their portion of the combined family income.Finally, add up all your percentages and divide by two, which gives you your child support percentage.

How is a child support amount calculated?

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