What is child support

Child support is money paid by one parent to the other parent of child that is registered in any of the following countries, US, Canada or UKIt is also called child-maintenance or maintenance.In child support, child means a child whose guardian is receiving child support, even if the child is adopted or resides with a non-parent. The amount of child support may be calculated as either a fixed amount per month or as a percentage of income. The duration of the support can also be either set for a fixed period or may be changed on an individual basis.Child Support Services can help you get help with:-Application and approval process.-Enforcement and modification process.

How does child support in NC work?

Child support in NC is decided by the parties themselves according to the specific custody and support requirements set forth in the child’s case plan and the child’s best interests.In order to determine child support, each parent will need to provide the other with certain information. This includes financial information such as their gross income, deductions, and other sources of income. Additionally, each parent will need to disclose any individual health insurance coverage for the child. If a parent has additional resources that can be used for the child, that parent may request a Child Support worksheet from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to determine an appropriate amount.Once both parents have provided all of the information necessary, they will be able to begin calculating an amount for child support. The un-exercised portion of any court ordered child support may be deducted from either parent’s income. The amount of child support may also be modified based on changes in the parties’ circumstances like a change in employment or marital status.If you feel that you should be paying more or less in child support than you are currently paying, you should contact a family law attorney who can investigate your case and make any necessary changes.

What Is Child Support?

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