What is closed on family day in ontario

In Ontario closed on Family Day are as given below,1. Banks2. All public and private education boards and colleges3. All hospitals, care facilities and health services4. All post offices5. All pharmacies and drug stores6. All government offices7. All primary and secondary schools and students8. All electrical companies, gas services, telecommunications and cable television operators9. All rental car facilities, ferry services, limousine services, taxicab operators operating under a permit and all use parking lots under a permit except permanent lots on private property where the permit is expressly authorized10. Malls, movie theatres, arena’s, stadiums and convention centres during sporting events or concerts (except for concession stands), parking lots are open on family day 2016

Are the grocery stores open on Family Day in Ontario?

Yes, grocery stores are open on Family Day in Ontario. Family Day is a provincial holiday observed in Ontario on August 11th. On this day, most grocery stores in Ontario are closed but some may be open or may have limited hours.Some grocery stores that may be open on Family Day include:- Loblaws grocery stores (Safeway Canada Inc.)- Real Canadian Superstore (Acadia Group)- No Frills Groceries (No Frills Groceries)- Your Independent Grocer (Your Independent Grocer)- Longo’s Food Choices (Longo’s Food Choices)- Dominionstores.ca (Dominion Stores)- Provigo (Provigo)- Sleeman Corp. Limited. ‘Sleeman’ and ‘Sleeman’ are trademarks of Sleeman Corp. in Canada, the United States and elsewhere.

Family Day in Canada

What’s open and closed in Ontario

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