What is nuclear energy for kids

Nuclear energy is the safest, most abundant, and cleanest energy resource we have. It produces no air pollution and generates virtually no greenhouse gases. It provides reliable electric power without the expensive and dangerous extraction of fuel from the earth. And it creates a supply of nuclear waste that can be safely stored for hundreds of thousands of years.Nuclear energy is a fun way to teach kids about electricity, the power of science, and the opportunities to make a difference in our world.To find out more about nuclear energy, visit www.nuclearisforever.org or www.energyfromnuclear.com.

What is nuclear energy in simple words?

Nuclear energy is the energy generated by nuclear reactions.

What is nuclear energy for kids example?

Nuclear energy is an energy source that produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or other emissions into the atmosphere.It uses the energy from nuclear reactions to run power plants and produces low-cost electricity.Nuclear energy is an important part of our nation’s clean energy future and helps keep our air clean and our climate stable.

Nuclear Energy – A Kid’s Guide

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