What is open family day toronto

On the second Sunday of every September, Torontonians celebrate Open Family Day. This free event is a day for families to bond and connect. It gives everyone the chance to experience something new and unique together.Family is all about sharing and being together. Open Family Day celebrates that by giving families the chance to share a long weekend together in one place. They can do things as a family, like go out for dinner or take a walk through the city. There is also something for everyone in the family to enjoy. There are activities for the kids, like mini-golf and games; and there are also activities for grown-ups, like wine tasting and magic shows.

Are Toronto stores open on Family Day?

No, stores are not open on Family Day. Stores will be closed on Family Day, which is on May 8th.Some stores may give their employees the day off, or may let their employees take the day off if they choose. Others may require their employees to work or to be available for work in case of an emergency.

Family Day – カナダのファミリーデーとは何ですか?

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