What is open on family day 2019

Family day is celebrated on third of August every year. Family may get new things, food or treat from the given below round up one.1. Myntra gift vouchers worth Rs. 5002. Instaforex vouchers worth Rs 203. Must buy shoes worth 50 to 70 ( Myntra voucher )4. Paytm cash worth Rs, 105. Food/Snacks (Must buy) worth 50 to 100 ( Myntra voucher )6. Paytm money worth 10 to 15 (exchange on paytm with change of 50 to 55 and buy food)

Are stores open on Family Day in Canada?

No, stores are not open on Family Day in Canada. Family Day is a public holiday in Canada that celebrates the love and support of family. It is celebrated on the second Monday of August. The holiday was first observed in 1973 and was originally called Mother’s and Dad’s Day. In 2000, it was renamed to its current name to honour all family members.While stores may be closed on Labor Day, they will be open on Family Day. Stores will also be open on National Volunteer Week from the 26th of May to the 2nd of June, National Financial Literacy Day on the 23rd of May, National Hug a Train Day on the 15th of June and end-of-the-school-year holidays in Canada. So store hours may vary depending on when these holidays fall in 2017.

Family Day 2019

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